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Sims Orthodontics works hard to ensure all patients are satisfied with their experience. Check out some of our patient reviews and testimonials!

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Wendi Fairchild

My 10 year-old son had his first appliance put in about a week ago. I was very impressed with the attention and professionalism of the staff. Everyone was very patient and caring to my son. Each doctor spoke to us, reviewed my son's records as well as gave an exam. I feel very confident in the doctors' abilities and recommendations for my child's health. Highly recommend!

Ben A

Both of my daughters were seen by Dr. Sims, who is very friendly. He is thorough and answered all our questions. His staff was helpful. I'd recommend him to anyone considering orthodontics.

James Monroe

Can you believe it? 54 years of age and wearing braces. It's true, however. I want anyone that is considering orthodontics to know that my experience with Sims & Trawick Orthodontics has been extremely positive from the time of my consultation to now (a year into my braces wearing). I was very impressed that Dr Sims took time to call me personally the first evening of my braces to see how I was doing. Its been very easy to book appointments for adjustments and when I go into their office I'm greeted by their warm knowledgeable staff and, very often, both Doctors stop by to greet me and have a technical look at my progress. Has my mouth been sore? Yes. It goes with the territory. Have I ever been hurt by anyone that has adjusted me? No. They have all taken such good care of me thus far and it is for this reason that I whole heartedly recommend this office to anyone considering orthodontics. I realize that in today's world my review sounds... well... too good to be true, but I assure you I wrote this review and I firmly believe that all you need to do is stop in and let them see your situation and you will see what great professionals they are.

Julie Tourney

Both of my daughters have been patients of Dr. Sims and Trawick for almost two years after being highly recommended by our general dentist. We have had AWESOME experiences at this office. The staff is fun and friendly, and the doctors take the patients' concerns very seriously (always pleasing a teenage girl is no easy task, and they do it every visit!). I was quoted a price for the treatment at the beginning and was pleasantly surprised when they offered a check at the end of the treatment due to a credit on my account! If you are looking for quality care, honest and fair prices, and a business that treats its customers like family, Sims & Trawick Orthodontics is the place for you!

Renew Restrengthen

Our daughter is away at college and had an emergency orthodontic need come up this week. One of her professors recommended Dr. Clay Sims. She was anxious about the whole situation, far from home, not very confident about setting up the appointment or filling out paperwork, or what to expect from the office. She just called me to say that Dr. Sims and his staff are so kind! They put her at ease, treated her with compassion and respect. They were very thorough and repaired everything perfectly. We now know who our Pensacola Orthodontist is going to be. What an answer to prayer! Thank you.

Suzanne Cowan

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Sims and his wonderful staff. I was a little anxious about having orthodontics, but they quickly eased my worries. Dr. Sims and his staff were very helpful in explaining the procedure and helping me decide what would be best for my needs. The office was laid back and inviting with a fun atmosphere. I look forward to future visits with Dr. Sims' office.

Laurin Parks

Getting braces at the age of 28 was a tough decision to make, but it was definitely the best thing I have ever done for myself. And I couldn't have chosen a better orthodontist! Dr. Sims and his staff are such wonderful people and made my experience one that I will never forget. The office atmosphere is fun, playful, and full of energy. I will definitely be using Dr. Sims for my future kids and will continue to recommend him. Thanks to Dr. Sims & his staff for helping to make a better me!!!!

Luisa Richards

So nice and they get you from the waiting room very quickly

Tonia Ebert

We have used this orthodontics practice for both of our children. Our 2nd child is partially through her treatment. We have been very pleased with the service and knowledge that both doctors have shown. The office staff is wonderful to work with - friendly, helpful, knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Carole Prendergast

My 15-years old daughter and myself were referred to Sims & Trawick Orthodontics by one of my daughter's friends (who had braces done with them), and her mother. I am so glad they did refer us to them. Dr. Sims and Dr. Trawick and their staff are wonderful. Great atmosphere, very friendly and caring. They take the time to know their clients; you are not just considered a patient. My daughter and I felt very relaxed, comfortable, and welcomed from the very first consultation. It is such a pleasure and comfort to have this fantastic team working on my daughter's teeth. If you are looking for great quality care, honesty and fair pricing, I highly recommend Sims and Trawick Orthodontics.

Sophie Richards

My daughter and I had a wonderful experience during her apt of FULL braces and Herbst appliance. I think that I was more nervous than she was! I was able to take pictures as well as stand right beside her while the braces were being put on. She was comfortable and laughing/smiling the whole time during the apt. Katie, the hygienists, was amazing with my daughter! She kept the mood light and did a wonderful job putting the braces on my daughter. The over all experience was a remarkable one!

J. A. H.

Dr. Sims and his staff truly care about their patients. They put at ease the one thing I feared most about having Ortho work done on my eight year old autistic stepson. They explained things to him and made him feel at ease. They made it fun for him; so much he didn't even realize he was there for a procedure. Dr. Sims and his crew went above and beyond making sure everything was on point during his visit. The way they ensured that everything was perfect before we left is why I rate him 5 stars. I couldn't ask for a better team of people to deal with an already touchy issue for my family. Thank you guys! J.

Sheree Green

Excellent experience with Sims Orthodontics... I do believe staff is what makes an office...they are all very welcoming, friendly and flexible with my busy work schedule. Dr. Sims has great work ethics and is very particular (which is a great way to be when you want a perfect smile). I highly recommend this office and orthodontist to anyone looking for ortho needs.

Gina Cason

Not only are the people wonderful, the location is perfect!!! Both my children have gone.

Douglas Proctor

Dr. Sims and his staff create a wonderful atmosphere that makes getting braces, enjoyable! We had to move out of town in the middle of my son's treatment and Dr. Sims worked with us in order for us not to have to transfer to another orthodontist. One day, we couldn't make it to the appointment until almost an hour after they closed due to a flight delay. Dr. Sims and his staff stayed and waited for us. I can't thank them enough for being customer centric and understanding.

Megan Marie Halfacre

Amazing! Dr Sims is a magician! The whole staff is absolutely amazing. My son has autism and they are very patient and loving towards him. His experience has always been great. He gets excited for his next visits!!!

Jennifer Forehand Williams

Awesome group. Love them all. My kids love them. Thanks so much & you will always get our recommendation for Orthodontics. So great with the kids and always so personable.