Here at Sims Orthodontics, we offer a variety of treatments to children who would like to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. In addition to braces, we may recommend a palate expander for your child.

A palate expander is a device that is designed to create more room for teeth by expanding the hard palate and widening the jaw. Although this may sound like an intense process, it is actually gentle and painless. We may suggest a palate expander for your child if they have any of the following conditions:

Crossbite: Crossbites arise when the upper jaw is too narrow. A palate expander can widen the upper jaw and treat crossbites.
Crowding: Crowding occurs when there is not enough room in the dental arch to fit all the teeth. The role of a partial expander is to widen the upper arch and create more room for the teeth.
Aesthetic Problems: Sometimes, a palate expander can improve a child’s facial profile by offering greater balance.
Breathing Issues: Since a palate expander can assist the teeth and jaws in properly fitting together, breathing issues may be prevented.

How the Expansion Process Works

Partial expanders feature two halves that are connected in the center with a screw. In order to activate them, a special key is used to turn the screw a little bit each day. Your child may experience soreness at first after their expander has been activated. Fortunately, this discomfort will fade quickly and is more comfortable than tightening braces.

At our office, we typically suggest palate expanders to children between the ages of 7 and 12. However, Dr. Sims has placed palate expanders on children as young as 5 years old. In most cases, partial expanders are worn for three to six months.

Our friend, Dr. Jason Gladwell, a Raleigh orthodontist, explains that each case is unique when it comes to palate expanders. Reach out to Dr. Sims or your local orthodontist before self diagnosing. 

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