Getting your braces taken off is cause for celebration, and all of us at Sims Orthodontics certainly commend you for reaching this important milestone in your orthodontic treatment! However, orthodontic treatment does not end when the braces are removed. At this point, you begin the retention stage of your treatment, and your final orthodontic result will depend on your retainers. In order to permanently retain your new smile, it is absolutely essential that you wear your retainers as prescribed and follow through with the hard work you’ve put in so far.

Retainers do require some special care, so remember to:

  • Remove your retainer before brushing your teeth
  • Brush your retainer before placing it back in your mouth
  • Store your retainers in their case when they are removed
  • If you lose your retainer, or if you feel like it doesn’t fit properly, please give us a call right away to schedule an appointment so that your teeth do not begin to shift.