Crossbites are a common issue among children. They occur when a tooth or teeth are irregularly positioned and closer to the cheek or tongue. Children with crossbites may find it difficult to properly close their jaw and have eating or speaking challenges as a result. Crossbites can also hinder their confidence and prevent them from living social and active lives.

Without proper treatment for a crossbite, a child’s jaw may grow improperly and one side of the jaw may become larger than the other. In addition to damaging their smile, this can lead to severe headaches, tooth decay, painful bites, and other dangerous dental complications down the road.

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Here at Sims Orthodontics, we often recommend palate expanders to children with crossbites. They can give them the extra room in their mouth they need to correct crossbites.

Our dental friends in Raleigh, NC, Lane and Associates have explained to us that many patients want to know the exact steps to turn the key on a palate expander. So, Let’s take a closer look at how palate expanders work.

Palate expanders are customized to each child’s mouth and work by widening the two halves of the upper jaw known as the palate. They apply pressure on the upper jaw by turning a midline screw. If your child receives a palate expander, you will be responsible for turning a key every day until the palate has been widened enough. Here’s how you will do so:

  • Tell your child to lean their head backwards and open their mouth as wide as possible.
  • Locate the key hole and insert the key while ensuring it’s secure.
  • Push the key in the back so the cylinder with the keyhole rotates back. Turn the key gently until you notice the next hole to be visible at the front.
  • Remove the key.

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